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星期一, 8月 27, 2007, 6:39 下午

Dear buddies,

I am quitting HKICC in 5 days time after my 4-year commitment in this gracious yet stringent working environment.

This is my luck and perhaps my goods (善業) accumulated in the past so that I am able to work with so many wonderful people who posses charming characters: May, Steven, Eno, Ada, Danny,,,

I am now more like a grown-up with my brain opened up like this:

taken in amman, 2004, the most hectic time in my career ever.

I will be a freelance project coordinator / editor / designer / photographer for sometime. Let's keep in touch.

Anonymous kim . peacock 說‥



Blogger Jay 說‥

終於過新生活啦!! 恭喜哂!