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星期六, 7月 14, 2007, 12:46 上午

an idea of an ideal present

My recent creation, originally uploaded by t t.

my flickr pro account (gifted by fanny last year) has been expired..
if you:
  1. are fond of my photos
  2. are a flickr urself
  3. use credit card
  4. feel like preparing a birthday gift for me
please renew my gift pro account by following this link (my account: hott).
it costs not more than HKD200!

thank you very much.

Blogger siaw 說‥

I have no credit card
but I can give u $200

(hehe... because I owe u that amount of money)  


Blogger hkoutsider 說‥

sorry dear im a bit short of money how are u?im very low in spirits need u!  


Blogger t t 說‥

thanks to an anoymous frd, thirtychairs, who extended my flickr pro account :)