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星期一, 10月 09, 2006, 4:36 下午



nouvelle vague - teenage kicks

oh teenage dreams so hard to beat
every time she walks down the street
and now the girl in the neighbourhood
well she was mine she looked so good

i wanna hold you,wanna hold you tight
get teenage kicks right through the night

i'm gonna call her on the telephone
have her over cos i'm all alone
i need excitement oh i need it bad
and its the best i've ever had


Anonymous j.c. 說‥

haha...u r the one i love.  


Blogger t t 說‥

i luv u 2!
cant' wait to kiss u tonite!  


Blogger sadie 說‥

死, 你似pancakes!  


Blogger Jay 說‥

wah!! 快d出黎比我見下你個新look先!!  


Anonymous 匿名 說‥

new hair darling

im keepin my old hair
but many things are different around me



Blogger t t 說‥

FAN, 似咩? 唔似
JAY, 几時几時??
KKK, 我好掛住你﹐你會回來過聖誕嗎?