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星期一, 5月 29, 2006, 11:37 下午

not so gloomy sunday

jacklyn, originally uploaded by t t.

t t: i love your photos, they are sort of glofication of ordinary subject (life).
erica: yea that's really what i m intended to do.
i have problem in taking portraits. i can never capture ppl rite. when it comes to portraiture, it involves communication / interaction with the subject matter, which is what i m allergic to. i firstly work with space but then i find that i m pretty good at that so i see i must go beyond. u see my journal its all about portraits. o yea i like the turning rabbit :> ha yea it's a ballet rabbit.
there's no point to work on something that you are too familiar with. when you ever feel too satisfied with what you are working on, it's time to go beyond and explore the discomfort.

what could be better than wandering and fooling around with lovely gal in gloomy sundays?
that's wandering and fooling around with MANY lovely gals!
thanks k for introducing erica and jacklyn to me
photography / wigs / me&george / living philosophy / art / pirated disc / chachantang ///

they are from singapore, exploring the art of photography and video

Blogger hkoutsider 說‥

no wonder beautiful and sexy women are always called femme fatale. i met too many femme fatale with funky souls in the past weekend.
now they all leave me a sick week to follow! OMG!