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星期六, 7月 23, 2005, 2:31 上午

surf in - live on

photo from postsecret

make poverty history
= 一個字母形容:Q (i am there! i am there! can u find me?)

see and share a secret
= 公開的秘密 (其實﹐我曾構想過類似的東西﹐給人節足先登了)


Blogger Komino 說‥

hi tt,
sorry for the intrusion, but i find you blog pretty (and) interesting, and would like to visit more often.
keep up and be yourself.



Blogger t t 說‥

thanks sm warm msg!
u are listed (ok?), let's blog.  


Blogger t t 說‥

btw, did u get mikelam latest book? it totally sucks.